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diumenge, 25 de desembre de 2016

Los progres americanos se lanzan a comprar armas y almacenar alimentos tras la elección de Trump

BBC.- It is not just gun ownership that liberals are reassessing in the wake of Donald Trump's election win. There appears to have been a surge in interest in survivalism too.

In America, stockpiling weapons and food, in preparation for social and economic collapse, has tended to be the preserve of right-wing libertarians and foes of "big government". But the Liberal Prepper Facebook group - up to now a small band - reports a big increase in enquiries.

"A lot of people are worried that not only will [a Trump presidency] fail but that it will fail spectacularly to the point that we are going to end up on in one or more critical situations that we are just not prepared for," says Jeff, 36, one of the group's members.

The group is run by BlytheBonnie, a 70-year-old lifelong Democrat who turned against the party at the recent election because she "didn't like the way they treated Bernie Sanders". She has a purpose-built, above-ground storm shelter, stocked with emergency supplies of food and water, with its own generator.