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divendres, 9 de setembre de 2016

Facebook censura la guerra de Vietnam

El autor noruego Tom Egeland publicó siete fotografías que, según él, cambiaron la historia de la guerra. Pero a Facebook no le gustó el desnudo de la niña vietnamita que huía de un bombardeo norteamericano con napalm y la censuró. El Editor jefe de la publicación noruega Aftenposten, Espen Egil Hansen, responde a Mark Zuckerberg con esta carta abierta:

Dear Mark Zuckerberg.

I follow you on Facebook, but you don’t know me. I am editor-in-chief of the Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten. I am writing this letter to inform you that I shall not comply with your requirement to remove a documentary photography from the Vietnam war made by Nick Ut.

Not today, and not in the future.

The demand that we remove the picture came in an e-mail from Facebook’s office in Hamburg this Wednesday morning. Less than 24 hours after the e-mail was sent, and before I had time to give my response, you intervened yourselves and deleted the article as well as the image from Aftenposten’s Facebook page.

To be honest, I have no illusions that you will read this letter. The reason why I will still make this attempt, is that I am upset, disappointed – well, in fact even afraid - of what you are about to do to a mainstay of our democratic society.

Take part in the debate on Twitter and Facebook: #dearmark First some background. A few weeks ago the Norwegian author Tom Egeland posted an entry on Facebook about, and including, seven photographs that changed the history of warfare. You in turn removed the picture of a naked Kim Phuc, fleeing from the napalm bombs – one of the world’s most famous war photographs.

Tom then rendered Kim Phuc’s criticism against Facebook for banning her picture. Facebook reacted by excluding Tom and prevented him from posting a new entry.

Listen, Mark, this is serious. First you create rules that don’t distinguish between child pornography and famous war photographs. Then you practice these rules without allowing space for good judgement. Finally you even censor criticism against and a discussion about the decision – and you punish the person who dares to voice criticism.
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El ISIS prohíbe el burka en el norte de Irak

La prohibición se aprobó después que una mujer con burka matara a 2 de sus combatientes

MIRROR.- Islamic State terrorists have banned the burka in parts of northern Iraq after a veiled woman killed two of their fighters.

Previously the terrorist organisation, which rules over large swathes of Syria and Iraq, have executed women for not wearing the burka.

However women are now being banned from wearing them in parts of Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city which is ruled by ISIS, after two high-profile commanders were killed by an unknown veiled woman said to be wielding a pistol.

Fighters for ISIS have been warned that following the attack, in Al-Shirqat, key parts of their Mosul stronghold - particularly in security centres - need to be protected from would-be female assassins.
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La ANC reconoce un 20% menos de inscritos respecto a la Diada del año pasado