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divendres, 9 de setembre de 2016

El ISIS prohíbe el burka en el norte de Irak

La prohibición se aprobó después que una mujer con burka matara a 2 de sus combatientes

MIRROR.- Islamic State terrorists have banned the burka in parts of northern Iraq after a veiled woman killed two of their fighters.

Previously the terrorist organisation, which rules over large swathes of Syria and Iraq, have executed women for not wearing the burka.

However women are now being banned from wearing them in parts of Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city which is ruled by ISIS, after two high-profile commanders were killed by an unknown veiled woman said to be wielding a pistol.

Fighters for ISIS have been warned that following the attack, in Al-Shirqat, key parts of their Mosul stronghold - particularly in security centres - need to be protected from would-be female assassins.
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