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dijous, 30 de març de 2017

Juncker amenaza con apoyar la independencia de Ohio y Texas si Trump sigue alentando brexits en Europa

VALLETTA, Malta — European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday he would promote the independence of U.S. states if Donald Trump continues to encourage EU countries to follow the U.K.’s example and leave the bloc.

At a meeting of leaders of the center-right European People’s Party in Malta, Juncker said Brexit would not be the end of the European Union — even if some people, such as Trump, would like that outcome.

In response to White House claims that Trump was “a leader on Brexit,” Juncker declared: “If that continues, I’ll call for Ohio to be independent and Texas to leave the United States.”

Juncker’s remarks came a day after Britain formally notified the EU that it intended to depart.

“Brexit should be the beginning of something new, something better,” Juncker said. “We need to continue.”
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