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dijous, 5 de novembre de 2015

Piëch instauró un 'régimen de terror' en VW que llevó al escándalo de las emisiones

Bob Lutz, a la izquierda, junto a Ferdinand Piëch, a la derecha
Bob Lutz is taking no prisoners in his relatively new gig as a columnist at Road and Track magazine. In his last column, he said that Tesla was doomed.

Now he's taking on the Volkswagen scandal — and taking aim at one of the men at the top, if not the top, of the VW Group hierarchy.

"Ferdinand Piëch, the immensely powerful former chief of Volkswagen's supervisory board, is more than likely the root cause of the VW diesel-emissions scandal," Lutz writes.

It gets worse.

"It's what I call a reign of terror and a culture where performance was driven by fear and intimidation," Lutz continues. Seguir leyendo...

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