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dilluns, 18 de gener de 2016

Tras el fin de las sanciones, Iran dice que continuará con su programa de misiles balísticos

Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement, which was read out by its spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari during his weekly press briefing on Monday, in reaction to the recent move by the United States to announce new sanctions against Iran for its ballistic missile program, saying Tehran will firmly respond to such “propaganda measures.”

“We will respond to such propaganda stunts and disruptive measures by more robustly pursuing our lawful missile program and promoting our defense capabilities and national security,” the statement said. The US Department of the Treasury said in a statement on Sunday that it has imposed new sanctions on several individuals and firms over Iran's ballistic missile program, claiming that the program “poses a significant threat to regional and global security.”

The statement said five Iranian citizens and a network of companies based in the United Arab Emirates and China were added to a US blacklist.

On October 11, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) successfully test-fired its first guided ballistic missile dubbed Emad. Washington slammed the test, claiming the projectile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It vowed to respond with more sanctions.

On July 20, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2231, which bars Iran from developing missiles “designed to carry nuclear warheads.”

The statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Iran’s missiles serve defensive and deterrent purposes and have not been designed to carry nuclear warheads.

“The Iranian missile program has by no means been designed to carry nuclear weapons and is not in contravention of any international principle,” it said. The statement said the US has been selling tens of billions of dollars of weaponry to countries in the region, adding that the weapons are being used against the people in Palestine, Lebanon and recently in Yemen.

"The invention of excuses by the US against Iran's defensive and deterrent missile program ... is bereft of any legal and moral legitimacy," the foreign ministry said. Seguir leyendo...

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