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dilluns, 25 d’abril de 2016

Los partidarios del Brexit piden al gobierno que prohiba a Marine Le Pen entrar en Reino Unido

Gisela Stuart, co-chairman of the Vote Leave campaign, urged Home Secretary Theresa May to prevent the leader of the National Front party from entering the country in a letter sent on Friday.

Le Pen backs a British exit from the EU and wants France to organise a similar referendum. She has planned to travel to Britain before the June 23 ballot to express support for the Vote Leave campaign.

But Stuart and other eurosceptics don’t want her help.

“[Le Pen] has previously made many divisive and inflammatory comments, including comparing Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation of France," Stuart wrote in the letter, revealed by the BBC on Sunday.

“Accordingly, I urge you to exercise your powers under immigration legislation to refuse her admission into the country if and when she attempts to visit the UK,” the Vote Leave senior figure said.

Le Pen said she forgave Stuart’s snub because the Socialist MP was “against the European Union”, but struck back during an interview with France 2 television: “After all, she’s a Socialist. Socialists have always had a slight problem with democracy.”

“I am surprised that she didn’t say anything about [US President Barack] Obama’s visit,” the far-right leader added. “He came to interfere in Great Britain’s affairs. I am not going to interfere. If I go, I will go to speak about the people’s need to decide their relation to the European Union.”
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