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divendres, 27 de maig de 2016

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GUARDIAN.- We’ve all heard the importance of looking within, finding yourself, and being authentic to what you see. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Actually, Chinese philosophers 2,000 years ago would say our emphasis on self-discovery has led us dangerously astray and constrains us.

Consider the self the way that they did: there is no true self and no self you can discover in the abstract by looking within. Such a self would be little more than a snapshot of you at that particular moment in time. We are messy, multifaceted selves who go through life bumping up against other messy, multifaceted selves. Who we are at any given moment develops through our constantly shifting interactions with other people.

Being untrue to ourselves helps us break bad patterns. Confucius taught that we must ‘overcome the self’ Philosophers, such as Confucius, advocated living “as if”. They said that by engaging in as-if rituals – which are the very opposite of the sincere, authentic approach to ourselves – we will develop into better human beings. | Michael Puett & Christine Gross-Loh
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