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dissabte, 14 de maig de 2016

Impresionantes imágenes en color del estado de devastación de Europa en 1947

MAIL ON LINE.-Among the surreal scenes captured by photographer David Seymour in 1947 are damaged ships still anchored off Omaha Beach, children laying flowers at the graves of the war dead and the rebuilding job underway in towns across France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Taken by renowned photo agency Magnum's co-founder, the photographs trace the path taken by Allied troops after they invaded the beachhead at Normandy and stormed their way to Berlin.

Other pictures, all of which have been published in colour, show the ruins and debris left behind at the end of the war such as downed aircraft, disused battlements, and makeshift soldiers' graves.

Seymour, also known as 'Chim', was a Polish photographer famous for his work in some of the 20th Century's seminal conflicts, such as the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War and the 1956 Suez Crisis.

He helped co-found Magnum in 1947 after finding fame as a war photographer during the Spanish Civil War. His initial responsibility was to cover Europe while colleagues photographed events in other regions.
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