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dimecres, 29 de juny de 2016

WSJ, NYT y FT coinciden: España frena al populismo y precisa de un acuerdo entre PP y PSOE

Still, the bottom line is that Spain needs a functioning government. Creating one requires cooperation from the Socialists, who vigorously oppose Mr. Rajoy. Given the widespread anxiety and instability elsewhere in Europe, the Socialists should think twice before rejecting any accommodation with Mr. Rajoy’s party, Sunday’s clear front-runner. Mr. Rajoy should also put the welfare of Spain above personal ambition, and consider stepping aside to allow a party member more palatable to the Socialists to lead a government that will address Spanish citizens’ deep yearning for political renewal, transparency and equity.

The Socialists don’t seem inclined to join a left-right coalition government. But perhaps they could be persuaded to abstain on an organizing vote in return for PP concessions. Those could include the resignation of Mr. Rajoy, who has already served his country well. New, more charismatic PP leaders could help the center-right cause if they would continue to push the Rajoy agenda.

The Brexit vote has triggered a new round of pessimism over Europe, but the EU is composed of individual countries whose fate is in their own hands. Spain shows that it’s possible for Old Europe to get some new life.

A grand coalition between the PP and Socialists may be neither realistic nor desirable. However, there is an opportunity — and an urgent need — for the two main parties to enter negotiations and try to reach a broad agreement on the path forward. One early test would be whether they can achieve cross-party support to pass a new budget.

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