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diumenge, 24 de juliol de 2016

Erdogan ya tenía preparada la lista de detenciones antes del golpe, según el comisario europeo Johannes Hahn

Johannes Hahn, comisario europeo de Política Regional

INDEPENDENT.- The swift rounding up of judges and others accused of taking part in a failed coup in Turkey indicates the government had prepared a list beforehand, the EU commissioner dealing with Turkey's membership bid has said.

Following a failed coup attempt on Saturday, Turkish authorities on Sunday rounded up nearly 3,000 suspected military plotters, ranging from top commanders to foot soldiers, and the same number of judges and prosecutors.

"It looks at least as if something has been prepared," Johannes Hahn said. "The lists are available, which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage.

"I'm very concerned. It is exactly what we feared."

It appears, Mr Hahn added, as if Turkey had "prepared" arrest lists of political opponents and was waiting for the right time to act.

Observers said the scale of the crackdown, especially against the judiciary, indicated the government was taking the opportunity to further consolidate Mr Erdogan's power.

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