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diumenge, 7 d’agost de 2016

El más completo del perfil socioeconómico de los combatientes extranjeros del Isis realizado hasta la fecha

A new report from an American political thinktank has provided the fullest analysis of the socio-economic profile of foreign Isis fighters to date.

While lots of work has been done to try and understand the pull factors of Isis' particular brand of extremism, the New America Foundation wanted to dig into localised conditions and backgrounds to discover what drives foreigners to join the caliphate.

Author Nate Rosenblatt combed through a leaked cache of recruitment documents stolen by an Isis fighter who defected in 2016.

The self volunteered information from registration forms is thought to encompass around 10 per cent of the group's total soldiers, and makes All Jihad is Local the only quantitative study so far to piece together what the average profile of a foreign Isis member looks like.

Breaking down the data according to geography suggests that people join the group for lots of different reasons, and at different stages in their lives, depending on where they're from

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