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dilluns, 21 de novembre de 2016

Sube el apoyo a la UE en Europa menos en España tras el Brexit

FINANCIAL TIMES.- Support for the EU has risen in Europe in the wake of Brexit — including in Britain, according to a survey published today.

The result could encourage Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and other EU leaders who are trying to rebuild public confidence in the union, though it is unlikely to divert Theresa May, the British prime minister, and the country’s Brexit camp from leaving.

“The looming Brexit seems to be the best advertisement for the EU so far,” said Aart De Geus, chairman of the Bertelsmann Foundation, a German think-tank, which carried out the survey.

Across the EU as a whole, 62 per cent of those polled would vote to stay in the EU compared with 57 per cent in March, according to Bertelsmann’s polling which covered nearly 15,000 respondents. The po

ll was conducted in August 2016 a few weeks after the British referendum. In Britain, support rose to 56 per cent after the Brexit vote, compared to 49 per cent before. Approval rates fell in Spain to 68 per cent, but rose in the other four big continental member states – Germany, France, Italy and Poland.

GUARDIAN.- Pro-EU sentiment has grown in five of the six largest member states, according to a survey by the Bertelsmann Foundation. These were the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Italy. The only large state to see a fall in support for the EU was Spain.

“The looming Brexit seems to have been the best advertisement for the EU,” said Aart De Geus, of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany’s largest NGO.

In the UK referendum on 23 June, the country narrowly voted to leave the EU, with 52% voting leave while 48% supported remain.

But the Bertelsmann survey, completed in August against a backdrop of confusion about the British government’s Brexit strategy, showed that 56% of British citizens wanted to stay in the EU, compared with 49% when a similar survey was conducted in March.

According to the poll, enthusiasm for EU membership is slightly stronger in the UK than France or Italy where 53% and 51% respectively voiced approval. These figures were a modest rise from earlier in the year.

Support is strongest in Poland, the biggest beneficiary of European funds: the EU had a 77% approval rating in the latest poll, compared with 68% in March. Germany was in second place, with 69% expressing approval for the European project, up from 61%.

Support did slip in Spain, albeit from above-average levels: approval fell to 68% in August, down from 71%.

Across the EU as a whole, 62% want their state to remain a member, up from 57% in March. Researchers contacted more than 10,000 people in all EU countries.

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