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dilluns, 18 d’abril de 2016

Sevran, la ciudad francesa que ha perdido 15 jóvenes en la yihad

Thierry y Véronique, los padres de Quentin, un adolescente convertido al islam muerto en Siria

POLITICO.- Sevran is home to more than 70 nationalities. “It’s not like the Muslim community dominates everything,” says Gatignon. The 15 young men who left Sevran to join the Islamic State came from a variety of family backgrounds: Algerian, Moroccan, Mauritanian, Haitian. Some came from Muslim families; several, including Quentin Roy, were converts. Some came from the cités, the post-war housing blocks synonymous with drugs and gang violence. Quentin, privately educated, did not.

His parents live in a neat detached house. Thierry, a hippyish Haitian, works as a medical salesman. Their remaining son is a software engineer.

Quentin was raised a Catholic. He converted in 2013 and made no attempt to hide it from his parents, who tried to be supportive.

“We wanted to stay open-minded with him, to have a conversation about it,” Thierry says over dinner at their home, which is full of pictures of both of their sons.

In the space of a few months, Quentin’s views became increasingly extreme. He quit his job at a sports store when they wouldn’t let him schedule his shifts around prayer. He refused to join in family celebrations or attend his grandmother’s funeral because it was held in a church.
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