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dimarts, 17 de maig de 2016

El número de migrantes devueltos a Turquía está muy por debajo de las expectativas de la UE

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The number of migrants being sent back to Turkey from Greece has fallen well short of EU expectations, prompting fears that a fresh wave of arrivals could overwhelm the Aegean Islands during this summer. Fewer than 400 of the 8,500 people who have arrived on the Greek islands since the March 20 EU deal with Ankara — aimed at reducing migrant flows — have been returned to Turkey, according to figures from the Greek government’s migration co-ordination unit.

Instead, Athens has approved more than 30 per cent of the 600 asylum applications from Syrians that have been assessed since March 20, a significantly higher percentage than anticipated, according to European officials and aid workers.

While the slow pace of returns will irk many in Brussels, Greek officials say it reflects their own policy on asylum requests. They dismiss fears that the deal between the EU and Turkey could collapse if the trend continues — leading to a fresh influx — and stress that Greece’s migration laws do not recognise Turkey as a safe third country for refugees.
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 La exención de visados a Turquía aumentará el riesgo de ataques terroristas, según un informe de la UE
TELEGRAPH.- Terrorists are more likely to attack European countries as a result of a controversial deal to allow Turkish citizens to travel across the continent without visas, EU leaders have admitted.

Foreign terrorists and organised criminals are “expected” to seek Turkish passports to reach continental Europe “as soon as” the visa waiver program comes into force, a European Commission report said.

The disclosure came as Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, warned that the decision to give Turkey visa-free travel is “perverse” and compared it to “storing gasoline next to the fire”.

Sir Richard also said that the EU will face a "populist uprising" if it fails to control migration.

Turkey’s 75 million citizens will have the right to enter the Schengen zone for up to 90 days at a time with biometric passports from the end of June if Ankara passes key anti-corruption and terrorism reforms.

The decision was part of a hastily-assembled deal brokered by Brussels to halt the flow of migrants from Turkey to Greece.
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