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dilluns, 23 de maig de 2016

El voto por correo decidirá la presidencia de Austria

En azul las pequeñas ciudades y el campo en que ha ganado Hofer, en verde las grandes ciudades y su periferia en que ha ganado Van der Bellen

POLITICO.- Austria’s presidential run-off Sunday resulted in an effective draw, with both the right-wing and Green candidate projected to win 50 percent of the vote, leaving the final result dependent on the postal ballot tally due late Monday.

Most analysts believe the postal vote, with a record 885,000 ballots cast, will favor the Greens’ Alexander Van der Bellen, the favorite of more educated, pro-Europe sectors of the electorate.

Norbert Hofer, the candidate of the right-wing Freedom Party, led the official preliminary count, which doesn’t include the the postal ballots, with a total of 52 percent, compared to 48 percent for Van der Bellen.

The projections, calculated for state broadcaster ORF by the Sora polling institute, include estimates for all votes, however, reflecting a statistical dead heat between the two, with the Green candidate ahead by a mere 3,000 votes. Both camps celebrated the day as a victory, with Van Der Bellen’s supporters chanting his nickname, Sascha, at vast party at a palace in downtown Vienna.
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