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dimarts, 10 de maig de 2016

Las pantallas de ordenador reducen la amplitud del pensamiento

THE WASHINGTON POST.- You probably spend a lot of time staring at screens -- but all that computer time may be making you miss the big picture, new research has found.

Reading something on a screen -- as opposed to a printout -- causes people to home in on details and but not broader ideas, according to a new article by Geoff Kaufman. a professor at Carnegie Mellon, and Mary Flanagan, a professor at Dartmouth.

"Digital screens almost seem to create a sort of tunnel vision where you're focusing on just the information you're getting this moment, not the broader context," Kaufman said.

The article is based on a series of studies involving a total of more than 300 participants that were carried out while the two researchers worked together at Tiltfactor, a Dartmouth game design lab.
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