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dimarts, 10 de maig de 2016

Los clubs nudistas no atraen a los jóvenes

CBCNEWS.- It's a sunny Friday afternoon and a handful of aging nudists are sitting on lawn chairs overlooking a stunning view of Seymour Mountain, Burrard Inlet, and Mount Baker in the distance.

The naked group is part of the Van Tan Club, a nudist colony that was founded in the forest on North Vancouver's Fromme Mountain in 1939, making it Canada's oldest official naturist club, according to one of the members, Daniel Jackson, 51.

Jackson said the club's membership numbers peaked in the 1970s at about 150 people, and now there are about 50 or 60 members.

"You know, if 15 new members showed up, that would be fantastic," said Jackson.

Van Tan member Linda Kent, 65, has been coming to the club from her home in Langley for five years.

"It's an older group, and I don't know why, but it tends to stay an older group. People who join tend to be older," she said.

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