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dijous, 9 de juny de 2016

Draghi: 'El costo de la demora de la reforma estructural de la UE es simplemente demasiado alto'

'There are many understandable political reasons to delay structural reform, but there are few good economic ones. The cost of delay is simply too high.

Given the interactions between policies that I have described, it is in everyone’s interest that the various strands of policy buttress each other – if only because that would shorten the time it takes for each to produce its effects. And that would mean that we can bring growth back to potential before potential itself becomes damaged.

Of all the ways to accelerate the realisation of our economic potential, perhaps the simplest is to remove the uncertainties that hamper long-term decisions and hold back investment. And speaking here in Brussels, I can only underline in this context the costs of postponing the reform of EU and euro area governance that all agree is necessary, and by the same token, the boost to prosperity and stability that would result from removing those uncertainties, without undue delay'.

Lee el discurso íntegro de Mario Draghi ante el Foro Económico de Bruselas, aquí

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