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dissabte, 18 de juny de 2016

El rendimiento escolar es aún más heredable que la inteligencia

It is reasonable to assume that this high heritability of educational achievement is explained by children’s aptitude, or intelligence, but we have shown that educational achievement in the early school years is even more heritable than intelligence. Furthermore, our recent studies have shown that the high heritability of educational achievement at the end of compulsory education is not explained by intelligence alone, but rather is influenced by a constellation of genetically related traits, such as self-efficacy, behavioral problems, and personality.

Previous research demonstrates that genetic differences between children not only influence how well they perform at school, but also how easy or enjoyable they find learning in general. It is also noteworthy that children may find certain subjects more enjoyable than others even when their achievement is good across subjects. We hypothesize that given a choice, children will select, modify and create their own educational experiences in part based on their genetic propensities, a concept known as genotype-environment correlation. These findings suggest that children are not passive recipients of instruction, but instead are active participants in their path to knowledge. In a more personalized education system, children would choose educational subjects early allowing them to focus on their strengths and interests.
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