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dijous, 8 de setembre de 2016

El presidente palestino, Mahmud Abbas, fue agente del KGB

THE WASHINGTON POST.- Was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a Soviet spy in the 1980s?

A report Wednesday night by Israel’s Channel 1 News seems to indicate that he was a KGB agent for a period of time, although the Palestinian Authority very quickly denied the claims, calling them another Israeli slur against the struggling president.

The news report, which was based on research carried out by two Israeli professors, revealed that the cryptic information was hidden in documents from the Mitrokhin archive, a collection of handwritten notes by KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin. Mitrokhin smuggled his notes out of Russia in the 1990s when he defected to Britain. Cambridge University's Churchill College made the papers public in 2014.

In the documents, the report says, just few lines refer to the now octogenarian Palestinian leader: His codename was “Krotov” or Mole and he worked with the Soviet secret police and security agency in Damascus circa 1983.

Gideon Remez and Isabella Ginor, the two researchers from the Truman Research Institute at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said that Abbas worked for the KGB under Mikhail Bodganov, who was then based in Damascus and is now Russia’s special envoy to the Middle East.
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