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dimecres, 12 d’octubre de 2016

Trump rompe con el 'establishment' del Partido Republicano

THE NEW YORK TIMES.- Donald J. Trump lashed out at Speaker Paul D. Ryan and other critics within his party on Tuesday in a barrage of Twitter posts deriding the highest-ranking Republican as a feckless leader and warning that those who have been disloyal risked handing the election to Hillary Clinton.

The early morning attack escalated the war between the Republican presidential nominee and those party establishment figures who have abandoned him since the emergence of a 2005 video that showed Mr. Trump demeaning women in lurid terms. That was the last straw for Mr. Ryan, who told Republicans in Congress that they should feel free to stop supporting Mr. Trump if they felt it would improve their own prospects on Election Day.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump was still seething over Mr. Ryan’s refusal to stick with him.

Mr. Trump also appeared to be laying the groundwork to blame Mr. Ryan and Republicans who opposed him should he lose the election next month, complaining that it is “hard to do well” without the support of his own party. Democrats, he said, are more loyal to their own kind.

In a mood to settle scores, Mr. Trump also assailed Senator John McCain of Arizona for selling him out. The two men clashed last year when Mr. Trump declared that Mr. McCain, a decorated veteran who was captured and imprisoned in Vietnam, was not a war hero. They later made amends but the relationship unraveled when Mr. McCain denounced Mr. Trump for boasting about sexually assaulting women in the video.

“The very foul-mouthed Sen. John McCain begged for my support during his primary (I gave, he won), then dropped me over locker room remarks!” Mr. Trump wrote in an afternoon post on Twitter.

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