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dimarts, 15 de setembre de 2015

Corbyn o todo por la mujer pero sin las mujeres

Welcome to the future comrades. To the brotherhood that will sweep to power with its true and pure socialism. Women, know your limits! Don’t fret: you can help. You may already have helped. You may have been a caretaker for the party like Harriet Harman and have received a sparse smattering of applause from the brothers today. Well done.

You may have stood for leader or deputy leader and lost. Again: well done, ladies. Jeremy Corbyn will include you, and consult you on equality. He is a feminist. Let joy be unconfined.

The new brocialism cares deeply about women’s issues of course – just not enough to elect an actual woman. They don’t need to, because good lefties speak for all us. They don’t even notice gender. This can be the only explanation for that gobsmacking meeting today in which Jeremy Corbyn was anointed leader and not one woman’s voice was heard. Not even in that retro “Here’s my lovely assistant” way. No woman announced anything. Men announced the result – Iain McNicol, Labour’s general secretary, and Jim Kennedy, chair of Labour’s national executive committee – and that result was that men had won. Seguir leyendo...

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