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dimarts, 15 de setembre de 2015

El euroescéptico Corbyn dice ahora que el Reino Unido debería "quedarse para luchar juntos por una Europa mejor"

THE ECONOMIST.- JEREMY CORBYN, Labour’s egalitarian new leader, appears to favour a balanced distribution of cake-eating and cake-having. One of the great questions looming over his young leadership of Britain’s opposition is that of the country’s membership of the EU, which will go to a referendum by the end of 2017 (probably next year). In his long years on the back benches he was one of the few Labour MPs to keep the flame of left-euroscepticism—once a dominant force in the party—alive. In the just-finished leadership campaign the MP for Islington North, who would probably prefer that Britain quit the EU, was studiously vague about which side he would favour in the upcoming plebiscite; refusing to rule out campaigning for an Out vote while “clarifying” that Britain should “stay to fight together for a better Europe”.

The first 48 hours of his leadership have done nothing to clear up the matter. In a meeting with Chuka Umunna, the now-former shadow business secretary, yesterday Mr Corbyn said that he might yet back Brexit (though probably would not). Yet this morning on the BBC’s Today programme Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary, said that Labour would certainly support Britain’s EU membership. It appears the party’s new boss is telling different people different things—which does not bode well for his leadership in the weeks and months ahead. Seguir leyendo...

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