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dilluns, 6 de juny de 2016

El artículo sobre Trump que nadie quiso publicar

[Este artículo fue rechazado por 45 publicaciones diferentes de todo el espectro político: extrema izquierda, izquierda, centro, no afiliada, derecha, extrema derecha o libertaria. finalmente fue publicado en QUILLETTE]

Is it a risky bet? Absolutely. A Trump presidency cannot be seen in a more flattering light than an attempt to drink a little chemo, get sick, and kill a handful of political cancers at once. Is it flirtation with fire? Yes. The whole gambit rests upon the horror of a Trump presidency creating a political backlash that repairs our most damaged institutions. Are we going to vote for Trump? No. No one should. What we’ve written constitutes the only reasonable case for supporting Trump, and it’s weak. That there’s even such an argument to be made, though, tells us a great deal about what’s going wrong in our society.

¿Cuáles son los tipos de cáncer político que la quimioterapia Trump podría combatir? Según los autores del artículo -el matemático James A. Lindsay y el profesor de Filosofía Peter Boghossian- son fundamentalmente dos: la deriva extremista del partido republicano y la corrección política demócrata:
But what would happen should Trump get elected? On the Right, President Trump would force the GOP to completely reorganize—and fast. It would compel them to abandon their devastating pitch to the extreme right. The Republican Party would have to get back on the rails, and do so quickly, to reclaim a stable position in American politics. On the Left, the existence of the greatest impossible dread imaginable, of President Trump, would rouse sleepy mainline liberals from their dogmatic slumber. It would force them to turn sharply away from the excesses of its screeching, reality-denying, uncompromising and authoritarian fringe that provided much of Trump’s thrust in the first place. And underlying it all rests the question of influence and utility of big money in American politics. That is, after all, largely how we got here in the first place, with astroturfed populism combined with huge corporate campaign donations for political tools and extremists short-sightedly planting most of the seeds for these newer, louder issues.
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