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dimarts, 28 de juny de 2016

Lo que la UE le dirá esta noche a David Cameron

POLITICO.- When EU leaders sit down over dinner Tuesday to hear British Prime Minister David Cameron “explain the situation” in the U.K. after the Brexit vote, they will be looking for answers about what happens next and when.

The result of Britain’s historic vote has thrown global markets into turmoil, threatened the breakup of the United Kingdom, and delivered a political blow to an EU already dealing with plenty of other crises.

That question of how quickly and dramatically to react has divided the other 27 EU countries and even the European institutions. Should they start the divorce process immediately or give Britain time to sort out its internal politics before difficult negotiations on the way forward can begin?

Cameron’s position is clear, as he told the House of Commons Monday. “All of the key decisions will have to wait for the arrival of the new prime minister,” Cameron said. “The British government will not be triggering Article 50 at this stage. Before we do that we have to decide what kind of relationship we want Britain to have with the European Union.”

For the summit Tuesday and Wednesday — and also for the foreseeable future — the Brexit vote has forced other important issues off the table: migration, security policy, the European economy. Talks on those matters usually fill up a summit; tomorrow they will be shoehorned into a three-hour opening session during which most leaders will undoubtedly be impatient to get to the big question: What now?
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