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dilluns, 11 de juliol de 2016

La izquierda regresiva y sus juegos de palabras

Recientemente, el senador demócrata estadounidense Dick Durbin admitió sin pelos en la lengua que exigía una revisión de los manuales de entrenamiento antiterrorista del FBI con el fin de hacerlos más políticamente correctos y aceptables para los musulmanes moderados. Revisión que incluía la omisión de palabras como 'islamista' o 'yihad', y que ya ha sido adoptada con un celo digno de mejor causa por el FBI. El ejemplo más palmario ha sido la poda de estas expresiones en la información sobre la llamada telefónica del autor de la masacre de Orlando. Expresiones que fueron incluidas más tarde ante las protestas de ciudadanos y funcionarios públicos.

QUILLETTE.- In an increasingly polarized political climate, where left-wing masochism and right-wing authoritarianism are threatening to destroy Western civil society, such refusal to label Islamic extremism by its name for fear of offending Muslims will do more to empower the political fringe than the sensible middle. Furthermore, by waiting to deal with the symptoms of violent radicalization as opposed to preventing it in the first place, the administration will continue to rely on domestic heavy-handedness and international militarism, and thus alienating the very Muslim communities whose cooperation it seeks. This censorship likewise dis-empowers the liberal and secular forces within Islam who are rightly frustrated by the left’s apologia for Muslim theocracy.

It is time to unbind ourselves from the shrouds of political correctness and identity politics. It is time to stand up to cowardice in the face of duplicitous theocrats who conflate criticism of religious beliefs with bigotry. Far from leading to a “clash of civilizations” narrative rightly feared by moderates and counter-terrorism experts, honesty in the face of obfuscation will dis-empower the propaganda of right-wing demagogues intent on realizing this self-fulfilling prophecy. At the same time, it will help moderate Muslims to redefine the very doctrines and beliefs responsible for the death of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

In his essay, Politics and the English Language, George Orwell wrote: “Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” This should be remembered whenever accusations of “Islamophobia” are hurled at those who would dare to question the violent doctrines of Islam. But Orwell also cautioned against succumbing to “political quietism,” and the “pure wind” of political speech is not just evident in acts of commission. When government officials and legislators omit any mention of Islamism as an antecedent to violence, they are inoculating dangerous ideas from the searing eye of rational criticism.
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